What’s the use of this $ 300 electronic ring being worn by more and more billionaires

The ring has been seen on the fingers of characters like the co-founder of Google .


Why is this device important?

Under the guise of a simple ring, an electronic device is gaining more and more followers among billionaires for health purposes.

The Oura Ring , which costs $ 300, has been seen in the hands of different personalities such as Shaquille O’Neal, Chris Paul or actors such as Will Smith and also in technology such as Larry Page (Google), Steve Chen (YouTube) and Kevin Lin (Twitch). But why?

Ring to monitor sleep

The Oura Ring rings were initially launched in 2018 by the company Oura Health and from there they have evolved in their purposes: to monitor the health of their owner.

The ring has sensors located on the inner surface, but these hardly add to its overall thickness and are totally hidden even when the ring is worn.

Similar to a smartwatch , it is a smart ring capable of measuring sleep, calories burned, heart rate, and other important health-related metrics.

It has the most accurate sleep monitoring technology, through two infrared LEDs that measure the pulse of the finger arteries.

In addition, it has an accelerometer, a gyroscope that detects direction and intensity, and an NTC temperature sensor. In mid-2020, the NBA was promoting its use among players since, thanks to this sensor, it helped control the coronavirus .

The ring has wireless charging and an autonomy of one week, being also resistant to water and with enough memory to store “up to 6 weeks of data”.

The most basic model starts at $ 300, but the most sophisticated can cost up to $ 1,000.