WhatsApp allows “pixelating” the images sent: How to do it?

The new WhatsApp tool is already reaching a large part of its users.


WhatsApp is adding a new feature to pixelate the images that we send in our conversations.

The tool, which is being rolled out progressively, allows you to blur parts or all of a photo in the app itself.

How to pixelate a WhatsApp photo?

Pixelating a photo will be easy and you only need to follow a couple of steps.

In the conversation, we will select the photo that we want to send. In the upper right, we will click on the pencil symbol.

Right there, there will be an option to blur. The only thing we will do is that, as if it were a brush, we pass our finger through the areas where we want this pixelation.

Of course, there is a difference between Android and iOS: while in the first it appears as an independent option, that of the second appears within the range of colors of the brush.