WhatsApp already allows sending files smaller than 2GB and does it faster than Telegram

WhatsApp is gradually enabling the sending of files larger than 100MB to 2GB, and recent tests show that it is faster than Telegram .


WhatsApp is allowing some users to send files with a new limit of 2GB , a highly acclaimed feature that is gradually coming to more countries. 

This limit increase is a big step forward for WhatsApp , as the 100MB limit had it far behind its competitors like Telegram . 

Now, with a series of tests in Argentina , the instant messaging service is enabling support for sending large files to more accounts, which is why some users are already testing the speed of this service by comparing it to Telegram .

Sending large files

According to the Genbeta test , the sending of two totally different files was timed: a 1.6GB video and a 187MB PDF document, both in Telegram and WhatsApp , reflecting notable differences in both cases.

The 1.6GB video took 53 seconds on WhatsApp , while on Telegram it took 2 minutes and 17 seconds . The 187MB PDF file took 12 seconds on WhatsApp and Telegram 25 seconds . The tests were carried out on the same Wi-Fi network and on an iOS system.

As experienced, WhatsApp ‘s sending of large files outpaces Telegram ‘s service, which is interesting considering the feature has been a long time coming to devices running Meta ‘s proprietary instant messaging app .

For now, WhatsApp hasn’t added the 2GB sending limit to its app on Windows and macOS , so Telegram still dominates in the diversification aspect.