WhatsApp: avatars are already available for certain users in the Beta and will arrive soon for all

The Beta version of WhatsApp  for Android anticipates the arrival of avatars so that users can customize them and use them in their chats.


WhatsApp  is preparing to receive the avatars of its sister platform Facebook and everything seems to indicate that it will inherit practically all its functions that it already has in said social network. The instant messaging app owned by Meta has been working on this implementation throughout the year and its arrival to its conventional client would be imminent.

As reported by the WABetaInfo portal, the Beta version of the messaging application for Android already gave a first glimpse of what would be the creation and customization menu for avatars, characters that are generated based on the user to imitate their appearance and that They can be used in various ways in WhatsApp chats 

Avatars approach WhatsApp

Through avatars , users will be able to create a character in their image and likeness not only in physical features, but also in elements such as their way of dressing and even gestures linked to their way of being. These characters can be used both in the application’s chats as images or stickers, as well as in video calls, where they can replace the user in said conversation.

According to what the portal indicates, some users of version of the WhatsApp Beta for Android are already receiving the option to create and use their own avatars. As a novelty, this update adds a pack of stickers linked to the avatar that we create in advance to be able to use them with our contacts.

Additionally, users can use this avatar as their profile picture in the app after they have created it. To do this, just go to the app settings and choose the corresponding option. With the integration, a new section called “Avatar” will be added for everything related to this feature.

When will avatars arrive on WhatsApp?

The fact that this function is already present for some users of the Beta version of the application, shows that its arrival on the conventional client would take place very soon. However, for now some details must still be perfected and certain problems that may exist corrected to leave everything ready.

WhatsApp avatars do not yet have a confirmed release date, but they will be arriving soon for all users of the Meta instant messaging platform .