WhatsApp boss criticizes Apple’s new “child safety” update

The new tool that Apple plans to add to its iOS system to detect possible child abuse in saved iPhone photos has drawn a wave of criticism. 

After a day of the announcement, Will Cathcart, head of WhatsApp, said the company would refuse to adopt the software, citing legal and privacy concerns.

Controversial system

Apple said it had planned the update for late 2021 as part of a series of changes the company plans to integrate to protect children from sexual abuse actively.

On the other hand, Apple indicates that Cathcart’s “scanner” rating is not accurate. While the scan implies a result, the company said, the new software would simply be comparing whatever images the user decides to upload to iCloud using the NeuralHash tool.

However, the algorithms are not perfect, and Apple may face massive manual reviews as iOS users number in the millions. According to the tech company, the rate of users falsely submitted for a manual review will be one in a billion per year.