WhatsApp finally enables self-messaging for all devices

The WhatsApp “Message yourself” function  has already been deployed to all devices compatible with the application without exception.

WhatsApp  has finally fulfilled its promise and has already deployed its latest function to all devices compatible with its platform. The instant messaging application owned by Meta – Facebook ‘s parent company – has been updated to bring “Message yourself” , the tool that allows users to send messages to themselves, to all mobile phones without exception.

Although this feature of the app remained in its Beta version for a long time and reached the conventional client a few weeks ago, the truth is that access to it was still restricted for certain users. However, thanks to the most recent update of the platform, “Message yourself” can now be found in the accounts of practically everyone who uses this application.

WhatsApp “Message yourself” is now available to everyone

As we pointed out previously, the “Message yourself” function was available in the Beta version of WhatsApp for a while. However, due to the good reception that this feature had during its tests, it has already been deployed to all mobile phones compatible with the app, both on Android and iOS .

Through this new tool, users can better organize themselves in the application as they have the opportunity to send each other notes, shopping lists, agendas, and reminders, or also use this exclusive space for themselves as a draft when they have to write a very long and elusive message. important.

In this way, it is no longer necessary to create a group chat and then eliminate the rest of the participants if we want to have a space to write what we like in our WhatsApp account .

How can I send messages to myself on WhatsApp?

Now that it is available on both mobile operating systems, we can now access WhatsApp “Message yourself” in our respective accounts. In the case of Android , just touch the new chat button and open the first option that will now appear in our agenda. Just below the “New group”, “New contact” and “New community” sections, we will find our telephone number followed by “(You)”.

On the other hand, if we have an iPhone , the option to open our personal chat is immediately below the frequent contacts section. As you can see, the route is quite similar to that of the Google operating system .