WhatsApp: How to change the size of the letters in the chats?

WhatsApp allows you to communicate instantly through text messages. However, the size of the letters often prevents the user from buying them.


WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging applications that allow the user to write texts, but the size of the letters often prevents good viewing and understanding because of how small they are.

The WhatsApp application includes a configuration option to change the size of the letters, in the note it will be explained how to change the size of the letters for a better distinction.

How to change the size of the letters from WhatsApp?

  1. First of all, WhatsApp must be opened
  2. Then go to settings
  3. Then identify the more options icon, which is in the upper right corner
  4. Then select the Chats option
  5. Go to Font Size
  6. Lastly, choose between small, medium or large sizes

How to change the font size of WhatsApp on Android devices?

It can be changed from the application itself or from the Android phone settings .

  1. Go to phone settings
  2. Enter the Accessibility option
  3. Then go to the Text and Display option
  4. Select the Font Size option
  5. Slide the bar to adjust the font size
  6. You will see a preview and, depending on your preference, confirm

How to change the size of WhatsApp letters on iOS devices?

iOS system phones also have the option to change the font size.

  1. First, go to the iPhone settings
  2. Then select the Accessibility option
  3. Then, press the option Display and text size
  4. Then tap on the Larger text option
  5. Choose the font size in the selection bar
  6. Finally, if the large size is not enough, iPhone has a Larger sizes option and you can have texts of enormous sizes

These settings improve the display of texts, providing a better user experience while using the WhatsApp application.