WhatsApp: How to disable the double blue check?

The user does not want to reply to a  WhatsApp message , but sees the message by mistake, activating the blue check. How to disable it?


The inconveniences that the double blue check in WhatsApp has caused to users are countless, since this confirms that the message has been read and because of that, it cannot be denied that the chat has been opened.

However, there is the possibility of deactivating the double blue check, but, with a great disadvantage, because when deactivating it, the own read confirmations are also deactivated, that is, the user will not be able to see when their message has been read.

Know the different ways of not activating the double blue Check

From the Notification center

The first way is to see this option in the notification of the Android or iOS phone. This option allows you to read the message without having to open the chat, the only disadvantage is that if the message is long, the preview will cut it automatically, and only the first 2 lines can be displayed (depending on the screen size of the smartphone)

Popup Windows

This option allows you to see the messages outside the app, but completely. To activate it, you must go to the settings menu and the options change between the different Apple and Android devices.

Android phone users should do the following:

  • Go to Settings
  • Then to Notifications
  • After pop-up notification
  • Finally, the ‘Always show popup window’ option must be selected.

In the case of iOS phone users, you must perform the following steps:

  • In the same WhatsApp application, in the Settings section
  • Subsequently, to the Notifications submenu
  • Then go to Notifications in the application
  • Finally, select the ‘Alerts’ option.

Airplane mode

First you must put the phone in airplane mode, this ‘hack’ will allow the user to open the message and read it, once done, you must completely exit the application, still in airplane mode.

How to deactivate the double blue check of WhatsApp?

To disable it completely, the system varies according to Android and Apple devices

on android phone

  • Enter the WhatsApp app
  • Then choose the Settings option,
  • Then, go to the Account section and then Privacy

Finally, to Messaging and disable the ‘Read Receipts’.

On iOS phone.

  • First, go to WhatsApp
  • Later, to Settings and then to Account
  • Then to Privacy
  • Finally, they will disable Read Receipts.