WhatsApp: How to know if you have been blocked?

Learn about the indicators that show you if someone has blocked you from their WhatsApp contacts .


WhatsApp is one of the most used social networks by millions of people for being one of the favorites to communicate miles away. In addition, it is also one of the applications that most faithfully complies with its privacy policy with users.

In the following note, it will be known how a user can know if they have been blocked from contacts in WhatsApp , and be able to clear up doubts about whether the messages are not reaching the other contact. In addition, the differences will be identified if they have you in contacts or you are blocked.

unblocked from whatsapp

  • You can see the profile picture of the person who has you scheduled.
  • Last seen time, only if you have that option enabled in your privacy settings.
  • Double Chek, when sending a message in the chat.
  • Video calls and calls are made as normal.
  • Viewing WhatsApp stories , depending on the privacy settings of stories.

blocked on whatsapp

  • Can’t see the profile picture of the person who blocked you.
  • Time of last time is disabled.
  • When sending messages, the double check does not appear, but only a check.
  • You cannot make calls and video calls to your contact’s WhatsApp.
  • You can’t see their WhatsApp stories.

Additional Data

If you want to confirm if you really are blocked and it’s not a signal problem, there is another way to find out.

  • On the main screen of WhatsApp, you go to the 3 points that are in the upper right, next to the search icon, which is a magnifying glass.
  • We create a new Group.
  • We add the contact that has us blocked.
  • If we can add the person, it means that they did not block us, otherwise, if the message appears, it could not be added to the contact, it means that there is a blockade made.
  • Finally, if you can add it, you just have to go to the group information and see if the contact is added. If you cannot locate it, it is possible that the user has blocked you.