WhatsApp: How to search for words and conversations in the messaging app?

WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging apps today. In the note you will learn how to easily search for words in text messages.


For this WhatsApp function , it should be clear that only the messages that have not been deleted from the account, nor the deleted conversations, can be found. The search engines only allow to find the word that are still present in the chat files.

To find new or old messages, you must use the built-in search engines that WhatsApp has. When the user specifically searches for a message from a conversation, sometimes the message can be very old, and finding it will take a long time. For this reason, this guide will describe step by step the procedure to find it quickly and easily.

How to search the chats using a keyword?

This section will explain the process of finding a word in conversation chats.

  1. First of all, WhatsApp must be opened
  2. Then go to the chats.
  3. Later, locate the chat search engine, which is at the top.
  4. Click on the search engine and write the word or phrase that is required to search
  5. Finally, several search results will appear, you just have to click on the chat message to open it.

How to search for multimedia files with filters?

The following instructions must be followed

  1. To start, the user must open the WhatsApp application
  2. Then, you must go to the Chats
  3. Next, the search bar must be located
  4. Then a drop-down menu will open, containing different formats like photos, videos, audio, documents, the file should be selected.
  5. Subsequently, you must write the keyword that is associated with the image or video that you want to find.
  6. Finally, several results will be displayed, you must touch the desired one so that the multimedia element opens.