WhatsApp: how to send a message with voice dictation

The WhatsApp application has a very simple tool to send a text through the device’s voice dictation.

The practicality of technology makes many of the tedious functions much easier to perform. 

WhatsApp is no exception and through its text messaging it has managed to connect millions of people worldwide, something that was almost impossible two decades ago, especially the multiple functions offered by said application.

However, not content with the versatility of WhatsApp , the app provides more resources that make the user’s life easier when sending a message. Such is the case with voice memos instead of text messaging; however, many people may be annoyed by receiving an audio of 1 or maybe 5 minutes. Therefore, to avoid such problems, there is the WhatsApp voice dictation function . With this function, the user can send a message in the style of a voice memo, but the app will change it to text mode and thus not bother the other person, as well as make the person’s life more convenient when sending a message.

How to perform voice dictation?

Voice dictation is available in the vast majority of smartphones, so it is almost impossible not to use this function, both in the iOS system and in the Android system. Here the steps:

On iPhone

  1. Enter the WhatsApp application.
  2. Open the conversation that the user wants to send a message with voice dictation
  3. Press in the writing field as if you were going to write a text.
  4. When the keyboard is displayed, the person must click on the keyboard with the microphone icon, this is located next to the space bar or at the bottom on the right side of this section.
  5. You will instantly hear an alert tone indicating that voice dictation is activated.
  6. The user must speak, while the keyboard recognizes the voice and transcribes the text.
  7. When the message is ready, you must press the send button.

On Android

On Android the process is almost similar.

  1. Enter the WhatsApp application.
  2. The user must display the keyboard within any conversation.
  3. Press the microphone icon on the keyboard.
  4. When pressed, the person will hear an alert, after which they just have to start speaking and the smartphone will recognize each word, and it can also dictate punctuation marks.
  5. At the end of the entire message, which has already been transcribed, press the button, send and that’s it. The message will have been sent effectively.

It should be noted that the user must check the text beforehand to check if there are any errors or punctuation problems. In this way, WhatsApp gives its Internet users the facility to send a written message through their voice command.