WhatsApp: How to silence notifications of an individual or group chat?

If you are in several groups on WhatsApp , you will receive many message notifications that can disturb your peace of mind. But the application has the option to silence these notifications. 


WhatsApp is a messaging application that allows you to communicate with your family, work or study colleagues and friends. It also allows you to create groups to have a simultaneous conversation with several people. But, all these functions have disadvantages which are the numerous notifications from chats and groups.

For these notifications, the WhatsApp application has the solution, which is to silence chat or group notifications either for eight hours, a week or forever. In this way, the notifications do not bother the user, learn how to silence WhatsApp notifications.

Mute notifications from within the conversation

There is another option to mute notifications for an individual or group chat, which is done within the conversation. In the upper right part there are three points that when pressed will display different options.

Within the menu of the three points, the option to Silence notifications will be displayed with the same options of eight hours, one week and forever. It also has the option to Show notifications.

Learn how to mute notifications for an individual or group chat

First of all, to mute an individual chat or a conversation group, go to the main screen of WhatsApp and locate the chat you are going to mute.

Then, press the conversation until it is selected, then a speaker icon will appear in the upper right that must be pressed, it should be noted that the option will only appear if a chat is selected.

The icon will display the options to silence notifications for eight hours, a week or forever, you must choose the desired option.

It is important to remember that the speaker icon has the option to show notifications, this means that your phone will not ring or vibrate, but a notification will appear that a message has arrived.