WhatsApp includes 107 new emojis: melted face, troll and pregnant man

WhatsApp has started the global deployment of new emojis to its messaging platform, adding variables in skin color and gender to different previous proposals.


WhatsApp continues to be the most widely used messaging application in the world, and its consistent changes help millions of people around the world to clearly express their ideas and, without hindrance, establish conversations with contacts or in groups of different kinds. The emojis are part of that proposal for the improvement of the content, and a new update will bring 107 new resources.

According to Emojipedia , the new 107 emojis will start arriving on WhatsApp these days, and the collection is peculiar. In theory, there are 37 types of image, but with their variations in color and gender. These versions will be included in version of WhatsApp.

In the case of face variations, we have a new “melted face”, a “face with the hand over the mouth and eyes open”, “hands slightly covering the eyes”, “military salute”, “dotted line face”, “happy face containing tears” and “face with a diagonal mouth”.

In the case of the hands, we have greetings from left and right, palms down and up, crossing fingers in the shape of a heart – yes, we already have one for luck -, index finger pointing to the user and the heart gesture with both hands. . Shaking hands has also changed and now includes interracial combinations.

Other novelties are: The gender-neutral person with a crown, pregnant women – gender-neutral and male -, bitten lips and troll. In addition, a series of coral friends, empty nest, lotus flower, beans, slide, X-ray, empty jar, ID card, crutches, low battery and others are included.