WhatsApp increases the limit for sending files up to 2GB

WhatsApp is testing sending files up to 2GB in size , which is a huge increase over the current figure of just 100MB.


WhatsApp has been making some updates to its platform over the past few months, and now there is another one that will surely be well received by users.

The platform began allowing users to send files up to 2GB in total size, matching what platforms like Telegram already had.

Until now, the limit was still 100 MB per file, partly because the encryption does not allow higher values.

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However, there is still one drawback: at the moment the functionality is only available in Argentina . The platform seems to be doing the first tests to increase the possible value for uploading files, but it will only be limited to users who have their accounts in the Latin country.

The functionality is expected to roll out to more countries in the coming weeks, but there is no official confirmation yet as to when this will happen.

However, according to the company’s statement, the remaining users of the platform who have contacts in Argentina can normally receive files with a total size greater than 100 MB.

Clearly, the measure aims to improve the platform, focused on making the service more attractive to end users. And even more important at a time when the platform continues to be used as a means of daily contact for thousands of users and companies.