WhatsApp is finally working on a function to edit messages after sending them

The WhatsApp tool will allow you to edit personal or group chats.


Finally, after a long wait, WhatsApp will allow you to edit messages after sending them.

This has been made public by WaBetaInfo , who managed to find the tool in the beta code.

How to edit WhatsApp messages

According to the already famous WhatsApp update tracker, the feature is initially being tested on Android.

In order to be able to edit the messages, the user will have to long-press the text, which will open a menu where the tool will be found that we will only have to accept.

At the moment, there will only be a period to be able to make any edition that we want, but it is not yet known precisely how many minutes it is.

Likewise, WaBetaInfo points out that, in said version, there is no edit history, so the recipient(s) will not know if a message was edited or not.

The tool will not be released yet, but will be tested beforehand on both iOS and PC. Like any other test, yes, there is also a possibility that it will never officially reach all its users.

It took a while to arrive

According to various reports, WhatsApp started working on the feature five years ago, but the plan was later scrapped. Now, the instant messaging platform returns to work on the edit message button.

Currently, if a WhatsApp user sends a message with an error, they only have two options to correct it. They can send a correct message and ask users to ignore the one with the error, or they can delete the bad message and send a new one. Either way, a second new message must be sent.