WhatsApp kills stalkers with new update

WhatsApp updates the app to prevent specific users from seeing your profile information.


WhatsApp is a good messaging app, but it has had to strengthen its security and privacy mechanisms due to the use that the platform has for the exchange of valuable information between people and groups. A new update will add more layers of security to the interaction and, finally, end the stalkers.

Through its official blog, WhatsApp shares news in the privacy section, highlighting a new configuration to know who accesses our information. “In WhatsApp, we created some fundamental controls that you can adjust based on your needs in order to protect your security,” they add.

WhatsApp updates privacy tools

This update, which does not require user intervention and is already active from now on, will allow you to choose which contacts can see your profile picture, your information associated with the account, the statuses and the last connection time. Each point can be set to everyone, the contact list, contacts with exceptions, or no one.

This system replaces a more general mechanism that blocked all users from seeing the last connection time or contact information. These options are already active on all WhatsApp platforms for mobiles and PCs, in addition to being included regardless of whether you are a beta tester or an end application user.