WhatsApp launches channels: A private way to receive relevant information

WhatsApp is creating ‘Channels’, a directory of channels to facilitate the search for specific topics without having to leave the platform.

WhatsApp has officially presented, and after several rumors , its new function called “channels”, which allows users to receive important news directly on the platform. This one-way broadcast toolallows admins to share text, photos, videos, stickers, and polls with their followers reliably and easily.

Channels are found in a separate tab called “What’s New”, where users can follow statuses and accounts of interest to them, keeping them separate from personal chats.

WhatsApp has also implemented measures to ensure that channel news is not available indefinitely. Channel history will be stored on the servers for a maximum of 30 days. In addition, administrators can block screenshots and forwarding of content from the channel, providing greater control over the distribution of information.

Although WhatsApp will continue to focus on private messages, the incorporation of channels responds to user demand. The channels promise to be a valuable addition to the platform, offering an enriching experience to receive relevant information.

Privacy: fundamental concern for WhatsApp

Channel admins and followers can rest assured that admins’ phone numbers and profile photos will not be visible to followers. Similarly, followers’ phone numbers will not be revealed to each other either, and you will only be able to see general numerical interactions instead of accounts expressing their position in a post. Choosing who to follow is completely private and secure.

The platform allows administrators to decide who can follow their channel and if they want it to be visible in the directory. Although the channels are not end-to-end encrypted by default, WhatsApp is exploring the option of encrypted channels for certain special cases.

According to Meta, WhatsApp has begun to implement the channels in collaboration with international voices and organizations in Colombia and Singapore. This strategy will allow the platform to learn and adapt before launching the channels in more countries in the coming months.

The introduction of channels also provides opportunities for administrators. WhatsApp is considering offering expanded paid services and the possibility of promoting certain channels in the directory to increase their visibility and recognition.

WhatsApp channels: this is what you should know

This update is currently not available for download from links on iOS, Android, Web, or Desktop. It can only be enabled from users located in Colombia and Singapore in this first stage of public testing.

Unlike platforms like Telegram , what is shared on these channels will not automatically generate a chat group for discussion, thus establishing an efficient privacy mechanism so that no one can know who is following these groups, not even if they are. contact added.

This implies that there are several limits to the control of violence within WhatsApp , since there is no exchange of opinions in the channels, nor is there the ability to contact a channel follower from WhatsApp.

To be a channel administrator, all you have to do is create it as soon as it becomes available in your country. However, a clear protocol on account verification has not yet been established – this is key in the case of personalities and the media -, and there is no clear answer on protocols associated with verified accounts in other Meta products, such as Instagram. and Facebook. However, we know that the verification check will be green for channels, as is the case with WhatsApp Business accounts.

We will be able to add surveys, send audio, allow reactions on each post, include PDFs and share photos with a format that extends to the side edges. We recommend configuring automatic content downloads to avoid data consumption costs when downloading constant information from channels.