WhatsApp launches its Premium version for businesses in its beta: What advantages does it have?

WhatsApp is beginning to roll out more tools for Business , its version for businesses, in its beta version. The subscription model does not yet have a final launch price.


The WhatsApp messaging service is rolling out its Premium version for Business, its business version parallel to the traditional app.

Under a new subscription model, now companies will be able to activate the same account on up to 10 devices , in addition to other improvements that are more than convenient to have a business using this platform.

The premium version of WhatsApp

WhatsApp had previously advanced this Premium version.

The first big addition is the new Linked Devices design, a feature to add new devices under the same account. Now for Business, business accounts will be able to have up to 10 connected devices, 6 more than the standard version.

Likewise, WhatsApp Business Premium offers organizations the option to create a short and personalized business link (with the name of the company), which can be modified within 90 days of generating it.

one more option

WhatsApp Premium is just an optional plan to provide some features for businesses that need certain advanced services, so if you don’t join, your current experience while using the business app won’t change.

If you join WhatsApp Premium, you can unsubscribe from the plan at any time from the App Store or Play Store and you can take advantage of the premium subscription until the end of the billing period.

This version is being beta tested first on Android and iOS. The exact price of the subscription or when it will reach all business users is not known.