WhatsApp: learn to put emojis in your username

If you want to stand out from the rest of the people, you can add some emojis to your WhatsApp name. Follow these steps and learn how to do it.


A large part of the conversations we have on a daily basis are through WhatsApp , as it is a platform where we usually spend a lot of time, it can get boring to always see the same thing.

In addition, there are millions of people who use the instant messaging application, so it is important to be able to differentiate yourself from the rest. These are two of the reasons why having a particular name can be an advantage, for this you just have to add some emojis and so people will know that it is you.

To add emojis to your name in WhatsApp , you don’t need other apps or anything like that, everything is on your phone or PC, and the good thing is that you can change it as many times as you want.

So you will be able to add emojis to your contact name in WhatsApp

Thanks to emojis, your friends, family and coworkers will be able to differentiate you quickly, nothing more than adding some style to your profile and you will stand out from the rest of the people.

  • Enter WhatsApp , it can be on the mobile or in the web version.
  • In the upper right corner of the screen (in the case of the mobile phone app) you will see three white dots, click on them.
  • Several options will be displayed, click on the one that says ‘Settings’.
  • She will take you to a menu in which your contact information appears first, mark where it says your name and your photo.
  • There you will be in the ‘Profile’ section, your contact photo is the first thing that appears, then your name appears.

Next to your name is a drawing of a pencil, click on it and WhatsApp will allow you to edit your name. Next to the space to write there is a happy face, if you press on it all the emojis will be shown on the screen, choose the one you want and hit ‘Save’.