WhatsApp: Make Your Backup Lighter With These Tips

Sometimes it turns out that our backup is heavy,  causing the backup to be slower. With these steps, you can lighten the ‘backups’ of WhatsApp.

The backup of WhatsApp may prove to be very heavy, especially if we have a very long conversation history. Therefore, the support is performed at the time of switching devices becomes very slow.

In addition, multimedia content also increases backups considerably. However, with these steps, you can reduce the gigabytes of WhatsApp ‘ jams’.

WhatsApp backup

To make a backup in WhatsApp will only take a few seconds. First, you must go to the  Settings > Chats >  Backup section. 

Reduce WhatsApp backups

WhatsApp storage

WhatsApp has a storage section that can help you free up space and, consequently, reduce the size of your backups. You have to open the WhatsApp settings and press Storage and data.

Within the window, you will find several options that you can modify to reduce the ‘backups’; the most important is Manage storage; you can manage the multimedia files and the heaviest chats.

Empty Chats

Another way to reduce backups is to empty chats that are no longer useful; in this way, you prevent some conversations from taking up resource space. 

To perform this action, you have to go to the conversations window, hold down the chat we want to delete, and select the Delete chat option.

Disable multimedia content

The videos turn out to be very heavy, so it is not recommended to add them to our WhatsApp backups. You have to go to  Settings > Chats > Backup, and deactivate the Include videos option.