WhatsApp: more than 8 million Peruvian accounts are offered on the black market

A hacker is selling a database containing nearly 500 million WhatsApp user phones  from around the world, including Peru .


WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging app in Latin America and several other countries in the world, including our country. Unfortunately, this popularity causes cybercriminals to focus on their users’ data and this case proves it. A new report reveals that a hacker is selling the phone numbers of nearly 500 million users around the world, including more than 8 million from Peru .

The cybersecurity portal Cybernews  mentions that on November 16, a user posted a notice on a well-known Internet hacker forum stating that he was selling an updated database until 2022 made up of some 487 million WhatsApp user phone numbers that They come from 84 countries around the globe.