WhatsApp: the trick to translate app messages automatically

In two simple steps you can translate any text you receive through WhatsApp into more than 100 languages.


Know all the details in the following note.

WhatsApp is an instant messaging platform compatible with different applications that you can download from the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store, one of them is Google Translate, which has an interesting tool that will help you translate automatically and in any language the texts that you have sent or received by WhatsApp, do you want to know how to do it? we will explain it below.

To perform this trick, you will first have to install WhatsApp on your smartphone, of course, also Google Translate or Google Translate in Spanish. It is important to clarify that you can translate a text in up to more than 100 different languages.

The next step is to configure Google Translate , therefore, open the application and press the three lines that are in the upper left corner, now click on the ‘Settings’ section and click on the ‘Press to translate’ section. Finally, activate the ‘Enable’ option so that the app opens in the background when you use WhatsApp.


  • When you perform the aforementioned instructions, a Google Translate bubble will appear, do not touch it.
  • Then open WhatsApp and enter any conversation. For example: if they have sent you something in English, click for a few seconds on that text until it is shaded.
  • Then, press the three vertical dots that are located in the upper right corner and copy the text.
  • Finally, open the Google Translate bubble and the phrase will have been automatically translated.
  • If when you open the bubble, both languages ​​appear in Spanish, change the language in the lower section (the one below). As it appears in the attached image.