WhatsApp: This is how the private mode will work that will hide the ‘Online’

The new WhatsApp function will allow users to have greater security and privacy.


WhatsApp is working on a private mode to hide the awkward ‘Online’ from all users.

According to WaBetaInfo, this function will no longer be limited to new chats, so now we will have more privacy with all our contacts.

How will WhatsApp private mode work?

The private mode will allow you to hide from all the people on WhatsApp that you are writing or browsing in the application. The feature could previously only be configurable for chats with recipients you were interacting with for the first time, but now it can be extended to our groups and friends.

“It will be possible to configure who can see when we are online within the settings thanks to two new options: “Everyone” and “Same as Last time”. For example, if you choose “My contacts” for the “Last time” option and “Same as Last time” for the “Who can see you’re online” option, it means that non-contacts won’t be able to see when you’re online. points to the middle.