WhatsApp: this is what the fixed messages that will arrive in the messaging application look like

The next long-awaited feature of WhatsApp  is already being tested in the Beta version and will soon be available to all users.


WhatsApp , the instant messaging application owned by Meta , continues to work on new and attractive features that improve the experience of its users when using its platform. The most recent is one that has been rumored for some time and is finally being developed because it is one of the most requested by people who use the app. We are talking about messages posted in chats.

Despite being one of the options that have been present in Telegram , its fiercest rival, for years, WhatsApp has finally decided to take action on the matter to establish said tool. Although the possibility of pinning conversations so that they always appear at the top of the user’s main screen is already on the platform, the same is not the case with the texts within said chats.

Pinned chats will come to WhatsApp

As usual, the WABetaInfo  portal was the one who showed a screenshot showing what the new function that the WhatsApp developer team is preparing looks like. According to what the aforementioned page indicates, the update of the Beta version of the Android application already has this tool, so it is possible to see how it would work when it reaches other users.

From what is shown, the function would be very similar to what is seen in Telegram since, when clicking on a message and choosing the “pin” option, said text will always appear at the top of the chat in a kind of bar. By touching this section, the conversation history will jump directly to this specific message. The only thing that it does not keep from its rival is the “X” button to unpin the bar at the top of the window.

WhatsApp and all the functions that would come to its users

At the moment, it has not been confirmed if several messages can be pinned in a conversation or it will only apply to one at a time. It seems that it will be necessary to wait for WhatsApp to confirm the arrival of the fixed chats to its conventional client in the coming days.

In addition to this option, WhatsApp is also developing other features and tools that will be coming to its platform soon. For example, it was reported that the window with the options for sharing multimedia files will change its design, phone numbers will be replaced by usernames in group chats, and group chats with an expiration date will be introduced, which will be deleted as soon as it expires. with its life cycle.

Other features include the ability to mute calls from unknown numbers, a “Newsletter” tool to broadcast information to a limited number of contacts, and an option to transcribe voice notes to text. Although we do not know exactly when they will reach the standard version of WhatsApp , the ground is already being prepared since the Beta of the application.