WhatsApp: users will be able to answer video calls with their 3D avatar instead of their camera

The beta version of WhatsApp  already has a tool for users to replace their camera image with their 3D avatar in a video call.


WhatsApp  is working on a very interesting tool for its video call function. Meta ‘s instant messaging applicationis developing an option to use 3D avatars in video conferences between users instead of showing the image captured by the cell phone camera. In this way, we will have an alternative in case we are not presentable or in high spirits to show ourselves in communication.

So far, WhatsApp avatars are already available in the platform’s conventional client, but only for two sections: creating a profile photo and creating a sticker pack to send to our contacts. However, this new option has been in development for some time and can finally be used how it works in the test version of the application.

3D avatars will be in WhatsApp video calls

Video calls with 3D avatars were first unveiled in June 2022 thanks to WABetaInfo . However, the portal has been revealing more information about it since that date. When Meta brought Facebook avatars to WhatsApp for all users, the ability to use them in video calls was not available, but the idea was left in the testing ground.

For this reason, the XatakaMovil portal managed to find the settings to use the avatars in video calls in the WhatsApp files. The option has been called “face and hand effects”. Once the feature is activated, a privacy policy from Meta appears stating that it needs to “estimate the location of parts of your face, such as the eyes, nose, and mouth). On this screen, WhatsApp calls it “WhatsApp calls with avatars”

Unfortunately, although it is possible to activate it unofficially, the button to activate calls with avatars is not present in WhatsApp . If the developer team doesn’t change their plans, a “Switch to avatar” button will appear below the user’s video preview when they turn off their camera.

WhatsApp does not stop working on new features

Since calls using Meta ‘s 3D avatar is already available in Messenger , it is quite likely that WhatsApp will use this same system and the character will react to the user’s movements, gesturing in a similar way to how we would do in front of the camera. However, hand effects are also mentioned in this app, which is not in the app mentioned above.

At the moment, the function to use our 3D avatar is still on the horizon and it is not known for sure when it will be available to all users of the app. WhatsApp is also working on other projects for its platform, such as changing the design of the window with the options for sharing multimedia files, replacing phone numbers with usernames in group chats, and introducing dated group chats. of expiration that will be eliminated as soon as their life cycle is completed.

Other features include the ability to mute calls from unknown numbers, a “Newsletter” tool to broadcast information to a limited number of contacts, and an option to transcribe voice notes to text. Although we do not know exactly when they will reach the standard version of WhatsApp , the ground is already being prepared since the Beta of the application