WhatsApp Web adds the function to edit photos

WhatsApp Web has a new function that allows us to edit images

WhatsApp Web adds a very useful tool to its functions with image editing.

The Web version, which is activated by scanning a QR code, integrates the image editor. This allows you to make cuts, add text, put emojis and even draw on the photo.

Wabetainfo announced the news in WhatsApp for the browser, which will also come to the WhatsApp Desktop version, the one that is downloaded to the PC.

How does it work?

If you already have the function (it may take hours or even days to display), you will see changes when uploading or copying a photo on WhatsApp Web.

The upper part now shows the editing tools, which are easy to use.

After adding text, cropping the image, or using any of the functions, you can send it.