WhatsApp Web will not allow users to view photos that ‘self-destruct’ on PC

Images and videos that self-destruct will only be visible in the WhatsApp mobile app . The service also appears to be coming to tablets soon.


WhatsApp wants to protect security and privacy within its platform and is changing the way we see ‘self-destructing’ messages.

From very soon, these ephemeral messages with photos and videos will not be able to be opened on PC in the web version, so they can only be seen from the WhatsApp mobile app .

To avoid ‘lookers’

WhatsApp does not want other people to be able to see your monitor or screen and see the multimedia sent by our contacts.

In WhatsApp Web , when we want to open the image, the service will tell us the following: “You have received a message that can only be seen once. To improve your privacy, you can only open it on your phone.”

WaBetaInfo points out that many users could see the self-destructing images on PC on many occasions thanks to a trick: users activated airplane mode on their mobile once it had been synchronized with WhatsApp Web. Thus, the photograph remained in the browser as long as we wanted.

The change will also prevent recipients of the ephemeral image from being able to screenshot it with third-party services.

whatsapp for tablets

On the other hand, the WhatsApp app for tablets seems increasingly closer .

The same medium has discovered an official message that asks tablet users to try the beta version of the app.

Since the next few days, invitations to this new application for tablets are being distributed all over the world, hoping to refine the service for a possible future launch.

At the moment, it is not clear if this tablet app will be very different from the mobile one, but it is to be imagined that there will be changes in the interface to adapt to the larger screen.