WhatsApp will allow you to delete a message up to two days after it is sent

Did you write anything else? You can delete it from WhatsApp up to two days after sending it.


One of the many disadvantages that WhatsApp has compared to Telegram is that you cannot delete messages after a certain time has passed, specifically 1 hour 8 minutes and 16 seconds. But that is about to change.

WaBetaInfo has found that WhatsApp will remove that time limit to increase it to two days and 12 hours, a total of 60 hours to delete your message.

More chances

According to the reports of the reliable page, the WhatsApp beta has increased from 1 hour to 60 hours the term to use the Delete function for everyone , which allows you to delete the content of a message both for you and for the recipient or the rest of group.

Of course, remember that the notice “The message has been deleted” remains to remember that there was one there.

The page also mentions that WhatsApp has eliminated its intentions to extend this limit up to one week.

The feature is under development and is not yet available to all beta users, so it will be a matter of waiting for its early arrival to everyone.

WaBetaInfo has also detected in lines of code a series of notifications that could be implemented in the messaging application to notify the user that the available space is running out or that it is “almost full”, depending on the available storage in the assigned account. Drive.