WhatsApp will allow you to hide your online status and your last connection to specific users

The Beta version of WhatsApp  has already incorporated this long-awaited function and it is expected to reach  Android and iPhone phones very soon.


WhatsApp  is finally about to incorporate the option to hide online status and last connection to specific users. No more squabbling over not responding despite being logged in on the app for both iOS users and, apparently, Android users as well.

The revelation comes through the most recent update of the Beta version of the Meta instant messaging app , reported through the specialized website WABetaInfo . Version already adds the ability to hide an account’s online status, which appears at the top of the screen when a chat is opened within the app.

With the implementation of this option, users will have the ability to customize both their “last connected” and “online status” and will be able to choose to show them to everyone, all their contacts, only specific contacts, or no one at all. depending on the preferences of the particular person.

An anticipated feature by WhatsApp users

Although this option was revealed at the beginning of July by the portal, at that time it was only mentioned that it was being developed for iOS mobile devices , without any clue as to whether it would also come out for its rival operating system.

However, now that it has finally been implemented in the WhatsApp Beta client , the arrival of the function in the conventional version of the application would be very close to being carried out, so it is quite likely that it will be part of one of the official updates of the WhatsApp. service coming out soon.

Among the main uses that users will be able to give to this function is the possibility of going completely unnoticed while using the application, avoiding some annoying contacts or if you need to review something in the chat that you have with a friend or family member without them knowing. know that you are connected.

More features to WhatsApp

The application development team continues to work to implement new features in its service. On July 21 , the WhatsApp chat migration function from an Android phone to an iPhone was enabled and it was also revealed that the app would already be working on the possibility of creating voice notes as statuses.

In addition, WABetaInfo also revealed that the firm is working on its own creator of avatars for video calls in the purest style of Facebook , Messenger and Instagram , its sister platforms since they belong to the same parent company.