WhatsApp will allow you to log in to multiple accounts on the same phone

After the multi-device mode, WhatsApp now wants to work in a multi-account mode on the same cell phone.

WhatsApp is speeding up its updates and is already testing a function that is highly requested by a large part of its users.

Now the messaging service will allow you to switch between profiles on the same device, so you can have different accounts open on the same computer without having to log out of the main one.

Multi-accounts in WhatsApp

As reported by WaBetaInfo , this function seems to work in a similar way to switching accounts on Instagram, owned by the same company Meta .

The user must open a pop-up window at the bottom of the app and there we will be shown the open accounts to switch, as well as the option to add new ones.

All accounts you sign in to will be saved on the device, and the user will be given when to sign in or sign out.

The tool is still in beta phase of the WhatsApp Business app in its Android version Testing is expected to continue to expand on the remaining supported systems.

Accompany multi-device mode

This tool is a perfect companion to the multi-device mode that the company launched just a few weeks ago.

Thanks to this modality, each user will be able to log in on four extra devices, which will allow the same account to be opened on three other cell phones apart from the main one.

Until before this update, the user could only open the same session on a Tablet or PC.

People can access all the conversations present on the main phone and will be able to synchronize each message in real time, so you can move between each of these devices without missing any recent conversation, image or video.

push the march

WhatsApp was one of the most criticized apps because, in addition to generating some mistrust in users due to the processing of personal data , it was one of the least updated in terms of new functions.

Given this, others such as Telegram and even third-party versions such as WhatsApp Plus generated great interest among netizens, who demanded greater comfort in the use of the app.

Proof of this continuous work is the arrival of Channels , where content creators will be able to send photos and surveys to their followers and that WhatsApp even wants to help monetize.

He is currently also working on the username function , with which people can register not only with their number, but with an ID or nickname with which they can be searched and found as in any social network. Likewise, it already allows the sending of images in HD without losing quality.