WhatsApp will allow you to search for surveys and add descriptions to the messages you forward

WhatsApp is renewing itself to facilitate the common use of users and launches new tools on its official servers.


WhatsApp is adding new tools that will facilitate the experience of its millions of users every day.

Currently, it will allow you to forward messages with subtitles and will even allow you to search for surveys that are distributed in our personal or group chats.

major updates

First, after testing this feature in beta mode, WhatsApp will allow users to edit the messages they forward in their conversations.

Now, when you forward the texts or images, you can add descriptions and texts. If the message already has text, you can keep it, rewrite it, or send it.

You will be able to forward messages and edit or add text content.Source: WhatsApp

But the polls are also improving.

Users will now be able to create single-vote polls to get a definitive answer.

On the other hand, now the surveys will be integrated into the chat browser, so you can find them more easily.

soon update

These new features are being rolled out to all users around the world.

If you still do not own it, do not despair: it will arrive in the next few days. Of course, make sure you have updated your app to its latest version.