WhatsApp will allow you to see the list of users who have been part of a group

WhatsApp already works on a history that records if a user has been part of a group and if he has repeatedly left it.


WhatsApp will be renewed with an option that will be very useful for all those who manage a group chat with numerous members. 

The instant messaging application prepares a history that will record the times that a user has been part of a group and the times that he has left it in the past.

The specialized portal WABetaInfo  highlights that this function will not only benefit group administrators, but also those users who wish to leave the chat silently. The new feature will be displayed on the information page displayed in group conversations within the app.

For now, both options, both the one that shows the history of the members and the one that allows you to silently leave a group, are only available in the Beta version of WhatsApp on both iOS and Android , but it is expected to reach the conventional client. of the messaging application in the coming weeks.

How do these WhatsApp options work?

As mentioned, the option is incorporated in the information window of the WhatsApp group , in the participants section. In this, you can choose “View previous participants” to review the users who were part of the conversation but who chose to leave.

However, it is important to note that only contacts that left the group before the 60 days are up will be shown. Once that number of days is reached, the user will disappear from the list. Best of all, although the feature is very useful for administrators, all users who are part of the group will be able to consult this section.

The notice that usually appears when a person leaves a group chat can only be seen by administrators.

Other features coming to WhatsApp

In addition to the aforementioned options, a new batch of tools is coming to the messaging app . Among them, the possibility of editing messages that have already been sent stands out in order to correct spelling errors or reformulate the text so that it is not misunderstood by the recipient. An add-on to the delete messages for everyone feature that already exists in the app.

On the other hand, more details were recently provided about the “private mode” of WhatsApp that will allow the user to hide their online status for specific contacts.