WhatsApp will give you more control over who can see if you’re online

The new WhatsApp privacy option allows you to select specific contacts who can or cannot see our ‘online’ status.

WhatsApp is preparing a lot of news for the following versions of the messaging app. New design for chatmulti-device option and even version for iPad. However, it will also introduce new privacy options, and among them, users highly demand control over who can see if you are online.

Until now, WhatsApp only offers one option to control who can see you online or not: either everyone or no one. And it works both ways; if you deactivate this option, you will not be able to see who is online either.

As reported in WAbetainfo, the company will give more control to the user, allowing, in addition to the total deactivation of this function, to configure it for each of our contacts. In this way, it will no longer be necessary to deactivate it for everyone if you are looking for more privacy.

And like the states, it will allow you to choose who of our contacts will be able to see when we are online. A more granular configuration will allow you to select this option independently for each of our agency names.

More privacy options on WhatsApp

This way, we can keep the function active for those WhatsApp contacts that we want to know when we are online and deactivate it for the rest, such as acquaintances or strangers that we have on the agenda. Without a doubt, this function will be an excellent advantage for people who prefer that this status is only available to specific or very close people, instead of deactivating it completely.

The options, as we say, are similar to the WhatsApp statuses. The new “Last time” panel will show, in addition to the present “All”, “My contacts” and “Nobody”, a new option: “My contacts except …”. If we choose this, we can select or cancel the contacts that you prefer not to see your “Last Seen” or “Online” status.

As usual, this option is only available in beta and for select users. In addition, it is in the testing phase, so the final version, if released, may be different. It is also not known when it will be available to the general public, but it sure is an option that is most welcome with open arms.