WhatsApp will have audio transcription function; See the news about the application in development

WhatsApp began experimenting with a feature that might be interesting for those not quite in the application voicemail fans. It’s an audio transcription feature, much like it used to be with Allo, the late Google messenger.

According to the DataInfo website, which usually are the features launched by WhatsApp, the configuration would be optional. It would work like this: if the user chooses to transcribe the message, the notice will appear on the screen asking permission for the voice recognition option.

Upon accepting, he would have access to the transcript feature, where he could also jump to a specific timestamp (timestamp) of the conversation.

According to the website, when the message is transcribed for the first time, the text will be saved in the application’s database. Therefore, later on, the user would not need to request the decoupage a second time.

For now, testing of this feature is restricted to iOS, and there is no information on whether it will be available for Android in the future. However, this isn’t the only feature the world’s most popular app is testing.

Search by date and reaction with emojis

This new feature has been tested since last year, but now it looks like it can finally be released. It’s about searching messages by date, a part that already exists on Telegram, and many fans crave WhatsApp.

You could find an old message by the date or time of the chat and get rid of the word search as it currently works in the app. WABetaInfo has released an iOS screenshot where you can see the scroll bar for choosing dates at the bottom.

Another interesting function is the reaction with emojis, which is already available on Twitter, for example. According to WABetaInfo, you could now react to any message with an emoji available in the app. It would even be possible to respond to a text several times with different emojis.

Finally, WhatsApp also plans to redesign the chat balloons in the iOS version. In the image released by the site, it is possible to analyze the change in its entirety: the frames for messages now in the form of comic book balloons, also with a more significant number of colours. Remember that this new feature will probably be released soon, as it is available in the latest version, of WhatsApp beta for Android.