WhatsApp will no longer have unlimited space for backup copies in Google Drive

Meta and Google could dissolve the agreement regarding WhatsApp that allowed unlimited use of cloud storage for Drive backups.


WhatsApp could be facing a drastic change in the conditions of unlimited backup storage, one of the benefits of using the application on Android. Until now, the agreement between Meta and Google allowed the hosting of our encrypted data in Google Drive without consuming our free allocated space of 15GB per accountThis, in the future, could no longer be available.

The WABetainfo site has detected in lines of code a series of notifications that could be implemented in the messaging application to notify the user that the available space is running out or that it is “almost full”, depending on the available storage in the assigned account of Drive.

Even these notices will be shown to the user when the free storage quota is exceeded. This shows that very soon backups will have a maximum size assigned. Rumors point to a possible cap of up to 2GB per copy.

This measure would also respond to a rethinking of the storage offered by Google in other services, such as the elimination of unlimited storage in Google Photos or the charge for the use of GSuite.

There is no certainty about the possibility of implementing tariffs on storage, or if a free option for synchronization with a consumption cap will be maintained. The only obvious thing is that the agreement between Meta and Google so that Android users do not have limitations in saving our conversations in an encrypted way could come to an end soon.