WhatsApp will notify users if any text message has been edited in a chat

Every time a text message is edited, WhatsApp will send a notification to the users who participate in said conversation.


WhatsApp  continues to develop new features to implement on its platform and improve the experience of its users. The Meta messaging app, the parent of Facebook and Instagram , is working on a new tool that will alert everyone in a conversation if a text message has been modified with the “edit messages” feature also being rolled out. preparing for the platform.

As we mentioned, the option to change text messages once they’ve been sent is still under development, but the team behind the app is already preparing an important addition to it. Thanks to this new notification, users who participate in a chat with two or more participants will always be notified if someone changes what they wrote.

WhatsApp prepares a notification for edited messages

According to what the WABetaInfo portal points out , the new function is already present in the update of the Beta version of WhatsApp for the iOS operating system . As can be seen in the screenshot shared by said portal, the tool to modify text messages will be accompanied by an informative notification that notifies both the sender and the receivers that the element has been successfully modified.

If users have the latest version of the app available, they will see the message with a small “edited” at the bottom right of the text balloon. Thanks to this, users will be able to choose to correct their mistake in case they made a mistake in writing a word instead of deleting the message completely. The portal also mentions that messages can only be edited if the function is used within a maximum margin of 15 minutes from when they are sent.

New features coming to WhatsApp

In addition to the changes to text messages and their notification, WhatsApp is also working on other projects for its platform, such as the option to answer a video call using the 3D avatar, temporary voice messages, changing the window design with the media sharing tools, the replacement of phone numbers with usernames in group chats, and the introduction of group chats with expiration dates that will be deleted as soon as their life cycle is complete.

Other features include the ability to mute calls from unknown numbers, a “Newsletter” tool to broadcast information to a limited number of contacts, and an option to transcribe voice notes to text. Although we do not know exactly when they will reach the standard version of WhatsApp , the ground is already being prepared since the Beta of the application.