WhatsApp will silence calls from unknown numbers

WhatsApp wants to prevent its users from falling for scams and spam-type communications.


WhatsApp is preparing a privacy feature that will allow users to silence calls they receive from unknown numbers, in order to prevent spam-type communications.

The possibility of silencing calls from strangers is a function that has been in development for several months, as the specialized portal WABEtainfo already anticipated in March, although it was now that the setting for Android beta users has appeared.

Option against spam

Specifically, it is available in the beta version for Android, and it includes the new section in the privacy settings, under the name: ‘silence unknown calls’.

As its description explains, if it is activated -because it is optional-, incoming calls that come from a number that the user has not registered will be automatically silenced, although they will continue to appear in the list of calls and in the notifications.

The measure is intended to prevent spam -type communications  , which can call at any time and for no real reason, not only for promotional but also for fraudulent purposes.