WhatsApp works on a new design for one of the most important windows on its platform

WhatsApp  is already testing a different interface for the window in which several of its most used tools are found.


WhatsApp  continues to work on features, tools and other news to improve the experience of its users. Meta ‘s instant messaging applicationseeks to be more intuitive so that people can use it more easily, which is why it has already proposed a redesign of one of its most important windows: the one that houses all the options for sharing content on the platform.

The team behind the app wants to give the file sharing window a newer and friendlier look because, recognizing that more and more users of past generations are using their platform, they want its various tools to be easily used by old.

WhatsApp changes the design of the file sharing window

This new interface on which WhatsApp has been working has been added in the update of the Beta version of the Android application. Previously, the iteration of the iOS edition of the platform already brought this redesign, but now users of both operating systems can already try it.

As can be seen in the image shared by the WABetaInfo portal, the clip icon found on the right side of the bar to write messages is replaced by a “+” symbol that happens to be located on the left side of said place. When pressed, you can see a clearer interface that has boxes with rounded corners and colored icons so they can be easily differentiated.

Without a doubt, the new window looks much more modern than the previous one and its design language is more intuitive.

WhatsApp continues to develop new features for its users

At the moment, the new interface for the window with the tools to share multimedia files is only available in the Beta version of WhatsApp for both Android and iOS . It is not known for sure when it will arrive in the application’s conventional client, but it is quite likely that it will happen in the coming months due to its presence in the test edition.

In addition to this redesign, WhatsApp is also developing other features and tools that will be coming to the mainstream client of its platform soon. For example, the most recent involves the replacement of phone numbers with usernames in group chats and the introduction of group chats with an expiration date that will be deleted as soon as their life cycle is complete.

Other features include the ability to mute calls from unknown numbers, a “Newsletter” tool to broadcast information to a limited number of contacts, and an option to transcribe voice notes to text. Although we do not know exactly when they will reach the standard version of WhatsApp, the ground is already being prepared since the Beta of the application.