WhatsApp works on an independent app for smart watches

Meta is working on a native version of WhatsApp for Wear OS smartwatches .


To date, it is only possible to see WhatsApp notifications on our smart watches. However, that is about to change.

As reported by WaBetaInfo , Meta is working on a native app for Wear OS smartwatches , giving us much more options than it currently does.

WhatsApp on our watches

After adding the expected Multi-device mode to be able to open the same WhatsApp account on up to four cell phones, now the service can also be opened on watches and we can act from it.

The information is less because it is just a tool under development, but we can already see a screenshot that shows us how we can connect WhatsApp on Wear OS with our phone number.

To use our WhatsApp account on the mobile we will need to confirm our intention by filling in an eight-digit numerical code on the mobile. It is the first time that we see this type of linkage and not with QR, which also indicates a possible expansion of this mechanism.

This screenshot shows the development of the version for smart watches.Source: WaBetaInfo

It’s ready to download

According to the outlet, there is already an installable WhatsApp program for Wear OS , but it is still very basic.

Initially, it is expected that they will be able to see and respond to text and voice messages, but in a very reduced interface.

At the moment Meta has not commented on its plans to officially bring WhatsApp to smartwatches and with a dedicated app. It will be a matter of time to know if this app is officially released to all markets in the world.