WhatsApp works on shortcuts to quickly call contacts from the main screen

The WhatsApp team  is already testing this new feature in the Beta version of the application and will implement it on its platform soon.


WhatsApp  continues to work on new features to improve its platform and the experience of its users with it. The most recent consists of a system that will allow the creation of shortcuts to call phonebook contacts from the home page of the mobile device. Through these shortcuts, it will not even be necessary to enter the application to initiate a call with another user.

This novelty is already present in the most recent update of the Beta version of WhatsApp for Android and is intended to save time for all those users who regularly use the platform to make calls. Next, we explain a little more about how this option works in its tests and when it could arrive in the conventional application.

WhatsApp prepares the shortcuts to call contacts

As the WABetaInfo portal points out , the update of the Beta version of WhatsApp for Android includes a new function with which users can create shortcuts on the home screen of their smartphone, the same as that included in other applications installed. From here, just press the shortcut to call the desired contact.

To create a direct call access in WhatsApp , the user must enter the application and press for a few seconds on a contact from their agenda. After this, a menu will be displayed with several options and among these is the function to generate the shortcut.

After this, the icon will appear on the home screen with which the user can directly call the chosen person without having to enter WhatsApp and select it from their schedule, saving a certain amount of time.

WhatsApp continues to renew its proposal

According to what WABetaInfo mentions , the option is already working normally in the update of the Beta version of WhatsApp for Android , but it is still limited to this test edition. The feature is still in development and will likely be integrated into the regular WhatsApp client in a future version.

Likewise, the Meta instant messaging application is also working on other tools and news that will arrive on its platform soon. These include an option to keep photos in their original quality and a revamped interface for your camera .