Where in the world is Santa Claus right now? Google follows the sled in real time

Santa is bringing gifts to everyone and is getting closer to us.


This December 24, despite the COVID-19 pandemic , there is an illustrious person who seeks to bring joy to minors and forget the general pessimism about the disease: Santa Claus.

The representative of Christmas has been made official as “free of COVID-19” by the World Health Organization (WHO) and has already got on the sleds to bring joy and, of course, gifts for everyone.

Thanks to Google, we can know exactly where in the world you are to forecast how long it will arrive in our region this Christmas Eve .

To follow Santa’s journey , go to santatracker.google.com .

This project began in 2004 when Google employees thought it would be “even better if people could visualize exactly where Santa was on Christmas Eve.” It has grown from 25,000 viewers at launch to 250,000 a year later and then 1 million in 2006.

The ability to track Santa Claus is just one part of the extensive program that features educational content to learn about Christmas traditions as well as virtual tourism.

The full page map has a “Santa Stats” card that identifies how far the sleigh and reindeer are from you, as well as the next stops and landing time. P ara Peru, is expected to reach between 11 and 12 pm on Thursday.