The official trailer and poster of Whisper of the Heart is available online.


the  live action film that combines the story and characters from the manga and the Whisper of the Heart film ( Mimi or Sumaseba ), with a new story set 10 years later.

The video shows Shizuku, played by Seino, visiting the “Chikyu-ya” antique shop to reunite with Baron, and Seiji, played by Matsuzaka, playing the cello.

We can also listen to the preview of the theme song Tsubasa or Kudasai a cover of the popular folk song by Michio Yamagami , sung by Anne Watanabe .

The visual. showing Shizuku and Seiji exchanging vows at the top of a hill, is accompanied by the tagline “Yume ni Massugu na Kimi wo Suki na mama Oto ni narimashita”. (I’m still in love with you, you follow your dreams, and this has become a sound) ”.

The cast

In the cast Nana Seino (live-action Kyou Kara Ore Wa !!, After the Rain, Nowhere Girl, Tokyo Tribe films) as Shizuku Tsukishima, and Tori Matsuzaka (Hello World, Himitsu – Top Secret, .hack // The Movie , Gatchaman, Kyō, Koi or Hajimemasu, Samurai Sentai Shinkenger) in those of Seiji Amasawa.

Yuki Yamada plays Tatsuya Sugimura, Shizuku’s childhood friend and member of the baseball team who had a crush on Shizuku. Rio Uchida plays the role of Yūko Harada, Shizuku’s best friend who had feelings for Sugimura in junior high.

Otoo Takuma plays the head of the publishing house where Shizuku works, Matsumoto Marika plays Shizuku’s oldest co-worker and Nakata Keisuke the younger colleague.
Tanaka Kei plays Sonomura, the writer Shizuku works for, Kobayashi Takashi and Moriguchi Yoko will play her parents and Kondo Masaomi plays Seiji’s grandfather, the owner of “Chikyu-Ya”.

Runa Yasuhara, Tsubasa Nakagawa, Towa Araki and Sara Sumitomo play Shizuku, Seiji, Sugimura and Yūko respectively in middle school.

Directed by Yūichirō Hirakawa (live-action The Promised Neverland, ERASED / Boku dake ga Inai Machi, Waiting for Spring, Rookies, JIN projects). The film is produced by Sony Pictures Entertainment and distributed in Japan by Shochiku .

Manga and adaptations

Released in Ribon magazine in 1989, Aoi Hiiragi’s coming-of-age manga had a sequel titled Whispers of the Heart – Happy Hours (Mimi or Sumaseba: Shiawase na Jikan) in 1995, and the spin-off  Baron, Neko no Danshaku in 2002.
In Italy it was published in Italy by Edizioni Star Comics .

In 1995 Yoshifumi Kondō directed the animated film The Sighs of My Heart for Studio Ghibli . The studio also adapted the spin-off into the film The Cat’s Reward directed by Hiroyuki Morita .

Whisper of the Heart  will be released in Japanese cinemas from 14 October .