Why China blocked all the social networks of the largest influencer in the country

Viya, with 120 million followers, has seen all its accounts closed following a tax evasion case .

Chinese influencer Huan Wei “Viya” has been blocked from all of her social media after it was discovered that she evaded taxes during 2019 and 2020.

Viya maintained up to 120 million followers in all its social networks, reaching simultaneously up to 37 million viewers in streaming and achieving sales of up to 365 million dollars in a single day.

However, the Alibaba ambassador broke her good relationship with China by being involved in the $ 100 million evasion.

The greater punishment

Viya maintains a fortune of 1.4 billion dollars and, according to Reuters, the national authorities have imposed a fine of 210 million dollars.

“I deeply regret my violations of tax laws and regulations,” Viya explains on his Weibo account. “I fully accept the punishment imposed by the tax authorities.”

At the moment his social networks Weibo, Taobao Live and Doutin are being blocked, without a time limit.

This announcement comes at a time when the authorities are intensifying their campaign against celebrity excesses and prosecuting tax fraud.

In August, actress Zheng Shuang, known for various roles in Chinese television series, was also sentenced to pay a fine of $ 46 million.