Why did Japan’s Hakuto-R probe crash into the Moon’s surface?

The ispace company found the remains of the ship and was able to confirm the error that caused Hakuto-R not to achieve the expected landing.

Weeks after the failure of the mission, the Japanese aerospace company ispace was able to provide more details about the accidental landing of its Hakuto-R probe , which was determined to make history by being the first private unit to achieve it.

According to the company, it is possible that a software failure caused this disaster, which ended with the wrecked spacecraft on the lunar surface .

The error

According to ispace comments in a blog post, Hakuto-R had decelerated correctly and had placed itself in a dumped form at 3.6 km/h.

However, a problem in the system caused the altitude at which it was to be estimated incorrectly: the ship estimated that it was already on the surface instead of the 5 kilometers at which it was flying.

This caused him to use up fuel prematurely, causing him to run out of power and fall uncontrollably towards the Moon ‘s soil .

The problem also lay in the middle of the conception of the ship and the geography of the place, because the probe also flew over a crater, which confused the data it began to receive.