Wikipedia: How to upload an article in the virtual encyclopedia?

Wikipedia is the user-created virtual library for the world.


If something is not known, we ask Google , which knows everything, but not all the credit belongs to the internet giant, since Wikipedia can also be a reliable source of information on some topics and over the years it has become the most great virtual encyclopedia.

Wikipedia  develops the information offered to the public by the hand of its users, in this note we will address how to upload an article and the aspects to take into account.

Steps to follow to create an account 

  • Search in the WEB browser, the Wikipedia page.
  • Enter the page.
  • At the top right is located Create Account.
  • It will ask you for a username and password.
  • You verify the CAPTCHA security text.
  • Final step, Create user account. 

Principles before creating an article 

  • Understand the criteria of relevance on the topic to write.
  • You can write on a variety of topics.
  • Use neutral writing.
  • Be based on facts and verified reference data.
  • Do not write about advertising, promotions, etc.

How to start writing on Wikipedia

  • Once you have your username and password.
  • Sign in to Wikipedia.
  • Check if there is an article equal to the one you want to publish, to do this write your topic in the search engine, perform the search and it will return the results of similar articles. If there is none, proceed to write.
  • If you want to modify an article, open the article to change, edit and write or modify the text.
  • To create a new article, enter the title, use the formatting tools, create hyperlinks, add images, and wait for review and approval by the Wikipedia administrator.
  • When you’re done composing, scroll to the bottom and hit Save Page.

additional note

  • You will be notified via email if you have to make corrections or not, otherwise you will also be informed that the article was approved and published.