Wikipedia is the most visited page in the world after Facebook and YouTube

A new study puts Wikipedia as the top search in 43 countries around the world.


Wikipedia is listed as the most visited page in the world, as it heads the list of most visited sites on the Internet in 43 countries distributed on different continents.

The web domain provider Hostinger has carried out a study in which it has detailed which are the web pages with the most visits by country, without taking into account the traffic generated by platforms such as Facebook and YouTube .

Hostinger has indicated that it has excluded the Meta social network and Google’s streaming video service based on results obtained by Zyro in 2021, when it determined that Internet users spend 213.2 billion hours a year on Google, 12.6 billion hours on YouTube and 44.6 billion on Facebook .

The most visited: Wikipedia

Firstly, Wikipedia has been determined to be the most viewed page globally, followed by Twitter and Amazon , which rank second and third, respectively. In addition, among some of the global results, the study identifies that the BBC is the most visited news website in most countries (in the United Kingdom it tops the list of the most viewed) and that Amazon is the page to which more is accessed in the United States, Guinea and Burundi.

In this sense, the report points out that Amazon receives 2,660 million visits in its country of origin each year and that around half of online buyers go to this website from the beginning to carry out their purchases.

According to research, Wikipedia is the most visited website in 15 out of 38 European countries. Among them, the Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Portugal, Italy, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Romania.

In this line, Hostinger has taken up another study carried out by the Pew Research Center, which revealed that the most popular pages written in English in this virtual and freely accessible encyclopedia tend to refer to contemporary events and movies.

Wikipedia , the most viewed website globally, and Twitter also dominate in North America , although half of the nations in this country prioritize the use of forums and the so-called ‘fandoms’. Among them, Reddit (the most visited in Canada), Nintenderos (in Guatemala) and Sufficient Velocity (which interests a large part of the users in Puerto Rico).

In South America, the use of Wikipedia predominates , although the so-called culture of blogs is also widely accepted. This is the case of Bolivia, a country in which Blogspot became a place of vindication for marginalized groups.

Electronic commerce also has a presence in this country, since MercadoLibre, a platform similar to eBay, in which sellers and buyers can connect through an auction network, is the most viewed page in Argentina.

On the contrary, in Venezuela the web page of the Bank of Venezuela is accessed more frequently, in Brazil Internet users first access the digital content company UOL and in Uruguay the Portal of Montevideo heads the list.