Wild turkeys invade NASA research center

Wild turkeys have invaded NASA ‘s Ames Center in Mountain View, California, and have already started causing problems for science.


According to the report, Ames turkeys are pooping all over campus, blocking traffic, pecking at windows and cars; they are even proving to be a threat to agency aircraft.

Being unofficial ‘pets’ of the place, people refuse to stop feeding the birds despite the ‘do not feed wildlife’ policy.

They will relocate them

With nesting season just around the corner, the US Department of Agriculture is now trying to get the situation in Ames under control before it gets even more out of control.

The agency is working in conjunction with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (USDA) to safely trap and relocate the birds using a fairly elaborate scheme involving weeks of corn bait in targeted areas and gated corral traps. funnel They are then placed in “ turkey boxes”, taken to a nearby reserve, and then released.

Time is of the essence with this relocation, not only because the turkeys will soon be nesting, but also because officials want to “make sure the young turkeys don’t learn from the older turkeys about damaging cars and the landscape,” said Tanya Espinosa, USDA spokeswoman, to the Mercury News .