In September 2021 it was announced that Travis Knight , president and CEO of the animation studio Laika, would return to direct an animated film after the Bumblebee live-action interlude .
An adaptation of Wildwood , a novel by Colin Meloy illustrated by Carson Ellis , released in Italy by Salani as Secrets of the Forbidden Forest .


Well, the shooting of the stop-motion animated film has begun and with the announcement the voice cast has been unveiled, definitely full of stars: Carey Mulligan, Mahershala Ali, Peyton Elizabeth Lee, Jacob Tremblay, Awkwafina, Angela Bassett, Jake Johnson , Charlie Day, Amandla Stenberg, Jemaine Clement, Maya Erskine, Tantoo Cardinal, Tom Waits and Richard E. Grant .

The screenplay is the work of Chris Butler , director of Mister Link . Ariane Sutner ( Kubo and the Magic Sword ) produces, while multi-Academy Award nominee Caleb Deschanel ( The Lion King ) will serve as director of photography.

The synopsis of the novel

There are places in the world where people never go to live. Maybe it’s too cold, or there are too many trees, or the mountains are too steep. But whatever the reason, no one has ever thought of building a road, and without roads there are no houses, and without houses there are no cities. And right near where Prue McKeel lives is such a place, represented on maps by a large green patch on the far outskirts of the city. Everyone calls it ‘Impenetrable Rift’ and no one has ever tried to enter it. Or rather, no one has ever come back to tell it… But when a flock of crows kidnaps Mac, her little brother, Prue doesn’t have a moment of hesitation, and she follows him intrepid in those unknown lands. Thus begins an adventure that will lead Prue into the heart of a wild and forgotten Wood, which actually hides a secret world in great turmoil, inhabited by magical creatures. What appeared to be a rescue mission then turns into an epic battle to free this wonderful enchanted land. Age of reading: from 8 years.