The Defenders series are now available on Disney + , but in the meantime Marvel Studios are planning a new Daredevil series with Charlie Cox as the protagonist.

Well, the latter may not be the only Defender to return to the show.

According to a rumor published by MyTimeToShineHello , user whose scoops have already proved reliable in the past, Jessica Jones – and therefore Krysten Ritter – will also appear in the series. It’s not the first time we’ve heard of her returning, but previous rumors hadn’t associated her with Daredevil . It would make sense, if we consider that Marvel Studios want to bring back various actors from Netflix projects .

The location of the latter has always been ambiguous, it is not clear if they are actually part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe , and in fact Daredevil is described as both a sequel and a reboot. It will probably keep several elements of the original series (including some cast members), but it will not take into account its events, and will tell a new adventure with a slightly different tone. Anyway, for now it’s just speculation, so take it with a grain of salt. Maybe we’ll find out more at Comic-Con in San Diego, scheduled for July 21-24.

We will keep you posted.

Who will come back?

In addition to Charlie Cox – whose MCU debut took place in Spider-Man: No Way Home – Elden Henson ( Foggy Nelson ) and Deborah Ann Woll ( Karen Page ) may also return . Vincent D’Onofrio ‘s Kingpin has already been (re) introduced in Hawkeye .

Other appearances

It seems that Matt will also appear in other productions, such as She-Hulk (where he could clash in court with Jennifer Walters ) and Echo (also because Maya Lopez is very attached to Daredevil in the comics). Rumor has it that in She-Hulk we will see the hero in his yellow costume, but there are no confirmations in this regard.