Will Media and Sky strengthen their collaboration by creating new digital content together to tell the main trends of change, from culture to the environment.


The partnership follows the launch of the podcast Retro Scena on the professions of the world of cinema , released at the end of December and edited by Chora Media, a company that, together with Will, gave life to the Italian pole of native digital information.

The video podcast in talk format designed to tell the evolution of the “media & entertainment” world, Show Off , hosted by Francesco Oggiano and Giulia Valentina
, will kick off on Friday 17 February . In the first episode, dedicated to the TV series phenomenon, he will be a special guestSalvatore Esposito , face of one of the most iconic characters of Italian seriality, exported all over the world, Gennaro Savastano ( Gomorra – The series ). Instead, Junk, the documentary-investigation on the social and environmental cost of the fashion and fast fashion industry, will arrive soon.

This new collaboration between Will and Sky comes after the experience of What’s Next, the in-depth analysis curated by Will Media, broadcast on Sky TG24 and on the social media channels of the magazine, which deals with current events in a clear, simple and accessible language younger audiences, to offer quality information content also to those audiences that get information using different formats and media.

Elia Mariani, Chief Consumer Officer of Sky Italia, comments:

We are happy to strengthen our collaboration with Will, a partner who shares our vocation to innovate. We will thus experiment with new languages ​​that are aimed at the youngest, to satisfy their great desire to know the world. We want to offer them new digital content designed specifically for such a curious audience that is constantly looking for quality products.

Alessandro Tommasi, founder of Will, a native digital platform that already brings together a community of 2 million people, mostly under 35, says:

It is no coincidence that the products of this collaboration are available on various channels. Podcasts, YouTube videos and a television platform: with Sky we are bringing information where young people are looking for it, while simultaneously making available to a demanding public, such as the one that chooses the all-news channel every day, quality products capable of telling, online with Will’s mission, change.

All titles in the collaboration

  • Back Scene. The podcast curated by Chora Media and built as a journey in six stages to explore the professions of cinema and TV series conducted by Omar Schillaci, deputy director of SkyTG24. The interventions are by Stefano Bises, Francesco Vedovati, Virginia Valsecchi, Luca Bigazzi, Veronica Fragola, Cristina Comencini. Retro Scena is available from December 22 on free audio platforms (Spotify, Apple Podcast, Spreaker, Google Podcasts).
  • Show Off. The video podcast in talk format on the evolution of the “media & entertainment” sector with special guests. Host Francesco Oggiano for Will and Giulia Valentina for Sky, Show Off will be available starting February 17 with one episode a week on Will’s Spotify channel (also in video format) and on Sky Italia’s YouTube channel. First episode on TV series with Salvatore Esposito.
  • junk. The documentary-investigation on the social and environmental cost of the fashion industry. A world tour between Chile, Ghana, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Texas and even Italy. Host Matteo Ward, directed by A Thing By, with whom Will has already collaborated for the documentary One Day One Day. Junk will soon be distributed on Sky channels